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    Rob and Amber Adams

    Hello and welcome to Brittono's Collection. Thank you for taking the time to read a little about us, and how we came to be. We have a passion for jewelry!! Not just any jewelry, but the very best at GREAT prices. On our site, you will find a vast array of different styles, types, and sizes sure to find a place with your taste. We love working with Artisans from all over the world to support their craft. We proudly offer MMA Silver out of Austin, Texas. They search the World to find quality jewelry at reasonable prices and this is why we have teamed up with them.

    Oh my!! I forgot to introduce myself. I'm Amber and the "we" consist of myself, my amazing, loving, balding, funny, and handsome husband, Rob, and our amazing daughter Meagan. "We" are a family owned and operated company right here in the good ol' USA. We have been in business for many years, almost too many to count. Our journey started with a spark; an idea; a creation; all in a small town in Colorado with a few handmade bracelets and grew to what you see here today. We have a passion for jewelry and helping people. We currently have several items on our site we are promoting as fundraisers for charitable organizations or individuals in need to pay for medical bills.

    We are now located in Tampa, Florida and are active members of the South Tampa Chamber of Commerce where are on serval committees. We also host Leadership Development Workshops throughout the year in the Tampa area through Brittono's Corp.

    Our slogan; A World of Jewelry at Your Fingertips, speaks for itself, we have over 4000 pieces on this site for women as well as men and add new items weekly. We search for the very best quality at the lowest prices. Please do not hesitate to let us know how happy you are with your jewelry. Send us a picture on our Facebook page, shoot us an email or tag us on Instagram, we want to hear from you!

    This is not the end of this glorious story, in fact, we are just beginning! Thank you for being part of it :)

    We are all about you, our customer, and if anything goes wrong with your order, we will make it RIGHT!

    Brittono's Collection, Beautifully Unique Silver Jewelry

    Our uncommon and beautiful 925 Sterling Silver Jewelry comes to you from around the world. Our collections are tailored to meet many different styles, offering big-city trends with small-town service.